Robotics System Engineer

Bengaluru, India


Inventions are discovered by Applications


Salary Range :  

 7,00,000 (7 L.P.A)  -   10 LPA  based on the number of Skillsets covered.

All compensations mentioned are the final Cash Compensation (not CTC) that the employee will receive in-hand before tax.

About the Role

Design is the foundation of any product / IP. But a design that doesn’t know its tools is just a castle in the air. It’s destined to never see the daylight. The design is as good as the tools allow them to be. Without someone skilled enough to know how to apply their tools, a design doesn’t evolve.

Every component of the design/product is a tool and learning to apply them for a given situation and problem, is what allows us to discover the utility for that Product. People call it testing, market discovery, product discovery, etc. We call it Application Engineering. And the tool that you would master is an industrial Robot.

Your primary contribution will be towards:

  • Supporting CynLr’s design team with all the Robotic Arm related activities – Design, develop and execute Experiments for algorithms, kinematics, and solutions that the design team comes up with.
  • Help with simulating robot movements for dynamic path, algorithms and design and execute its test and validation.
  • Help design team with Robot UI, IDE, Sample code, Safety of Robot operation in the Lab and all ‘nuances’, features, best practices and customizations of Robot Operation.
  • Help with simulations and training of the robot for Object models and teaching the robot for pick, orient and place tasks.
  • Coming up with strategies for solving the manipulation solutions, by constructing appropriate paths, interferences, collisions, sensing mechanisms and robot sequences.
  • Help with augmenting the design team for interfacing with various Robot controllers and establishing communication protocols with the Robotic Arms
  • Understand grasping strategy and device gripper experiments, assist in gripper design.
  • Study, Understand and Assist in choosing the right robotic arm model for the right application
  • Interface with the customer and support the customer with application implementation and delivery.
  • Identify, Connect, and Manage Robot and Robot related accessory vendors.

Job Requirements

  • Excellent with classification and operation variations between different Industrial Robots models and makes.
  • Excellent with Robot payload computations, dynamic payload variations.
  • Excellent with Work envelope understanding and designing for maximum and optimal reach.
  • Excellent with visualizing Robot movements and axis variations, joint position changes and robot body interferences.
  • Excellent with designing Robot Safe operations procedures, envelopes, and Auto-safety zone.
  • Good knowledge and work experience with end-of-Robot tooling, grasp design and placement strategy.
  • Must have a strong understanding of Manufacturing process and Assembly lines – Beyond Welding
  • Must have had in-depth experience with at least two Robot Programming IDE – Preferably KUKA, plus Yaskawa or UR.
  • Must be adept with basics of kinematics.
  • Excellent with Robot communication protocols – Ethernet (UDP, TCP), RS232/485, Industrial communication protocols like Modbus, CAN, etc.
  • Good with Sensors, IO programming, PLC Automation, Cabling and Robot Ecosystem.
  • Basic Programming skill with at least one Language - Python / C++ / LabVIEW

Behavioural Preference:

 Critical Thinking, Available, Responsible, Versatile, Resourceful, Thorough & Attention to Details, Humble.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Critical Thinking: Access to Information is not any more a challenge. Knowing which amongst the ocean of information is relevant to the problem at hand is the biggest challenge that we face. Its only made harder, as we are constantly immersed in opinions and biases of brands masquerading as facts, often assuming the “trust” of authority that the brand holds on a subject. Yet we can’t ignore them either. That can be tag names like Google, Research of MIT, that Journal and this Expert, etc. and the worst of all – ourselves and our own experience. We tend to put too much of “trust” on our own first thoughts and perceptions. Problems don’t come announcing and we realize a problem only through our first perception and we build from there, which is often a bundle of assumptions. Yet we are more likely to be sure of what we “feel” and mistake them as our thoughts. So much so that, we use logic to justify our perceptions rather than to validate our perceptions.

    Critical Thinking is the fundamental thought culture that we seek in every role that we play at CynLr.  To know our assumptions is Critical Thinking. 

  • System Thinking: Something is identified as a problem if an outcome of an action isn’t as desired. But any outcome is a result of some system, except that system is not always clearly identifiable from its environment. Moreover, a system need not be a single identifiable physical entity, but could simply be an overlap between several entities delivering a certain kind of output across time. Therefore, identifying the right system that corresponds to the problem, is the first step and demands the strongest domain understanding.  Ability to patiently study and carve the System Of Interest out of the problem and translate the requirement by thoroughly breaking down the problem into parts/processes, understanding the lapses or clarity in the requirements along with ambiguities, elaborating and thinking on the corner cases and making a methodical coverage of all requirements will be evaluated. Key ability is to successfully grasp the system models and translate them into an appropriate design.

  • Design Thinking: (Since this is hard to objectively evaluate it will be a relative evaluation both with the other submissions and with the self across consecutive submissions) Purpose of every design is to minimize human effort towards solving a problem. Which beckons us to see how all this demand for human effort manifests itself. It begins with human inabilities and limitations - Fatigue, sensory limitations, sensory Deception leading to Confusion (eg: people banging on to a transparent glass door), human misconceptions, misinterpretation, misperceptions, misuse, misapplication – all put in one bracket as Human Error. Adding to it is the innate human desire to minimize effort, which easily distracts them to be bored – lack of foresight, or worse- urge to tinker. All these are a common factor for the person who devices the solution and for the person who uses the solution. A design must factor all the above and must try to minimize and cover as much as possible for various possible scenarios.

How will your Career Progress?

CynLr is at its genesis as a start-up and as an organization. This role being the first to have been opened, it is the foundation of what would eventually be a for all the Robot Applications and Solutions in Industrial Automation using CynLr.

The problem that we solve is multi-disciplinary, which interfaces with stakeholders from almost every Engineering Industry and every variety of strata in it. While this can be an immensely challenging scenario demanding constant learning and adaptation, if looked at it as an opportunity, it allows for a deep exposure to a rich variety of management and operational problems and opens door for plenty of alternate career option

Needless to say, the exciting yet demanding part of a start-up - every passing day, the Company grows and the needs change, expansively.

In this context, beyond Specializing in the current Role, which will grow as the organization expands, it also serves as a steppingstone into core technology design and development roles like Gripper Design, Machine Learning Algorithm Design & Dev, Object Training and Task Model Specialist, Kinematics, Robot Design, Sensor Interface, Verification & Validation, etcFrom the customer facing side, it can evolve as an alternative to tech into Robot Integration, Application Support, Solution engineering, Business Development, Vendor & Supply chain Management, Sales, etc


If rightly used, this role presents you an opportunity to Build a unique Role of Your Own.

Robotics System Engineer

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Robotics System Engineer

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